Wreck Beach during COVID-19 pandemic


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Wreck Beach during COVID-19 pandemic

Wreck Beach is OPEN during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To keep our precious beach open, everybody needs to follow the rules below.

–  Maintaining social distance (2m/ 6ft.) is the most important thing to remember!

  • Trail 6 is only for Going Down.
  • Trail 4 and 7 are only for Going UP.

Metro Vancouver will monitor and manage visitor’s behaviour.
Inappropriate behaviour may course closuer of the beach.

–  Swim events are all cancelled at this stage.

–  We won’t have any legal venders during 2020 season.
Bring your foods and drinks… then, take your trash up the hill!

–  No summer events for 2020 season… unfortunately…

Always keep your social distance, then, enjoy the summer!!


NIFTY and WBPS Pool Events are Cancelled!!

NIFTY and WBPS Pool Events for Now

Due to the City of Vancouver’s closure of pool facilities for the time being, we regret to have to inform you that there will be no NIFTY or Wreck Beach Swim Club pool events until further notice.

Please check back to the NIFTY at niftynude.org and to the WBPS Website at WreckBeach.org to see updates on the next scheduled NIFTY and WBPS pool events.

We plan to have pool events again as soon as possible.

Your safety during these hard times remains our highest priority so your understanding is greatly appreciated.

Spa/ Pool Event is Cancelled!!


March 21(Sat.) Spa/ Pool Event is CANCELLED!!

Vancouver Mayor Kenndy Stewart said in a statement Sunday, March 15,  that all Vancouver “hot tubs and saunas are completely closed.”

Since the WBPS Swim Club knows that people who attend our WB Spa/Pool Club events at Lord Byng Pool particularly enjoy the warmth and socializing that the sauna and hot tub facilitate, we regrettablymust cancel our March 21st WB Spa/Pool Club event originally scheduled for March 21.

As soon as we can provide a pool event with all the amenities that our guests love to participate in, we will announce it on Facebook , in the Wreck Beach Spa/Pool Club Group and on our website at wreckbeach.org.

Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to seeing everyone at Lord Byng Pool again soon. Please see the following link for a more detailed explanation:

Read More>>

Mayer’s Announcement>>

Vince Hemingson’s retrospective photo exhibit



Vince Hemingson’s retrospective photo exhibit

Switzer Cult Creative 1725 W. 3rd Avenue in Kitsilano
November 21 (Thu.) 4 to 9:00 p.m.

Wine and Cheese will be served as you admire his photos taken over the past 10 years, both at Wreck Beach and from his travels for National Geographic.

His iconic photo of nude women in a root system at Wreck Beach Trail 4 is called “The Tree of Life,” and features nude women nestled into its roots.  Vince has been voted as one of the world’s top 100 photographers of nudes.

Do try to make this wonderful exhibit .

Judy Williams

Spa/ Pool Event is back!


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Wreck Beach Spa/ Pool Event is back!

October 19(Sat.)
7:30 – 9:30PM @ Lord Byng Pool

Wreck Beach Events goes all year around.
During off-season, we are having Spa/ Pool events.

What to bring…

  • Towels
  • 25c coin for locker
  • Government Photo ID (Drivers license, Passport etc… )
  • Entry fee (Cash only!)

         $12 for NON-Members
         $10 for Members
         $10 if it is your first visit

           + donation if able…

        Free for kids 10 & under  with parent’s supervision



Skinnydip Day Tomorrow!



Skinnydip Day Tomorrow!

Our famous Skinnydip Day is tomorrow July 14(Sun.)!

Photo shoot is going to be around 3:30PM.

$5/ number of the person in the photo will be donated to Wreck Beach Preservation Society by Genex Capital.

It is going to be a important fundraiser for WBPS to save our valuable environment.

Please register at the bottom of Trail 6!

See you tomorrow!