Chris Rarinca,June 1, 1953-May 3, 2021

Chris was the brilliant son of his parents in Bucarest,Romania, was an avid sailor and earned a degree inmicrobiology before moving to Ontario, Canada wherehe served as an IT expert for a large banking company.

He was also a fierce advocate for Democracy havingbeen raised in a Totalitarian country. While in Ontario,he observed the Wreck Beach battles to preserve notonly the beach, but the naturist life style there.

Thus, in1992, he re-located to Vancouver in order to help theWreck Beach Preservation Society (WBPS) in its effortsto save the beach physically from the many developmentthreats which included efforts to build a highway aroundPoint Grey and to ban nudity there, although one of theRCMP staffsergeants said that“trying to stopnudity at WreckBeach would havebeen like trying tostop the Titanicfrom sinking.

From 1992 to his death in 2021, Chris was a strongadvocate for the naturist life style and for preservingWreck Beach in as nearly a natural state as possible.

Chris served on many committees and workedassiduously with Judy Williams and the WBPS to lowerand alter the high rise student towers at UBC whichwould have destroyed the wilderness-like ambience ofWreck Beach had they been built as UBC originallyplanned!

Wreckers will perhaps best remember Chrisplaying dice in Billy’s “casino” wearing his trademarkTilly’s hat, listening to his music via headphones underhis blue umbrella.

Chris kept his battle with vertebralcancer private but he fought it quietly, with greatbravery. He was a smart, kind, loving and a close friendwho will be forever missed by Lisandre, Denise, Judy,and his Wreck Beach family. As requested, his asheswill be scattered at sea off Wreck Beach from GeoffGodding’s yacht on June 5, 2021.

LISTEN TO THE STILL(By Judy Williams for Chris ‘52nd Birthday)

Listen to the still when the tide is out low,The waves are quietly ebbing,The wind is softly sighing,And it will whisper secrets only you can hear.Listen to the still of early mornings, Of muted days when the sun just warms thegrey,When fog tendrils ghost over wet sandsWeekend crowds are far removed,And it will call to you.Listen to the still and it will weave you rainbowspells,Wrap you in gossamer wings,Sing you bird songs

And it will warm you as surely As the sun dissolves the fog.Listen to the still and years,And tears hence,It will enfold you as eternallyAs the sea…Years and Tears hence…Arms around you, Judy”Prepared by Judy and Denise

Vernon Keith Hale

Vernon Keith Hale
(April 28, 1948  to November 15, 2020)

Wreck Beach has lost another devoted naturist who valued Wreck Beach and its natural beauty, greatly. 

He often could be found in Billy’s “Casino” where he brought his young daughter, Naomi, whenever they had the time. 

Vern’s dry  sense of humour always shone through, but he was always there in times of trouble for the beach, his family and friends. 

Vern and his wife, Linda, were avid kayakers and combined their love of nature through their kayaking. 

If the measure of a man can be determined by the way he treats others, his family, friends and animals,  then Vern was a man for all seasons. 

Vernon would caution sun lovers to take protective measures against melanoma because his turned out to be a particularly aggressive kind which stole his life far too early. 

From Colorado to Nevada’s Burning Man to Hotsprings Cove and the Oregon Country Fair, Vern and his brother, Derek explored Naturist locations across North America.  

They were in the midst of restoring a homebuilt aircraft at Boundary Bay. He will be missed and we will hold a wreath-laying ceremony in the Spring.  Rest in peace, Vernon.

Stop Roberts Bank Terminal 2 project!

As you may already know a new House of Commons e-petition aimed at stopping the Roberts Bank Terminal 2 project opened for signature a week ago.

It is getting a good response and well on the way to reaching the number required for its sponsor, MP Manly, to present it to the House of Commons.

I am reaching out to you and a number of others in the hope you can use your contacts to get more signatures.

The signature page for the petition is HERE>>

It can be signed by Canadian citizens and residents of Canada.

It is also on the APE home page:

It is also on Facebook and Twitter.

I would really appreciate if you can send out an email asking folks to sign the petition.
If you can also put it on your websites that would be an added push.

It would be great if we can reach the numbers required before parliament reconvenes in ten days.

Can you help?

If you have already gone out to your contacts then THANK YOU!

July 21st… 26th Anniversary Wreck Beach Butoh Dance Performances


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You are invited to attend the annual Kokoro Dance Wreck Beach Butoh performances. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we had to cancel our annual 2-week Wreck Beach Butoh performance workshop and, instead, will be celebrating our 26th year of performances by performing this year’s edition as a duet by Barbara Bourget and Jay Hirabayashi. Performances will take place on

  Tuesday, July 21st at 12:30 pm and Wednesday, July 22nd at 1:10 pm.
  (foot of the #4 Trail at Wreck Beach

WBMAP…just west of the UBC Museum of Anthropology). Please note that paid parking is available at the Rose Garden Parkade (near the UBC Chan Centre) and that it takes 10 minutes or more to walk to the foot of the #4 Trail.

Performances take place rain or shine. No photography or video allowed. Donations are gratefully accepted and clothing is optional. Because of COVID-19 safety concerns, we will not be accepting donations at the performances. If you wish to support the continuation of our annual Wreck Beach Butoh performances, you can donate here.

If you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms such as fever, chills, new or worsening cough, shortness of breath, new muscle aches or headache, and sore throat, please stay home to protect others. Please remember to practice social distancing of 2 meters from others when watching the performances. Please watch this GVRD Parks video below regarding physical distancing for your safety.

Kokoro Dance’s Wreck Beach Butoh performances are performed with set, costumes, and lighting provided by Mother Nature. Each year, we create a new dance that embraces the sand, water, and air at this beautiful location with its views of the Howe Sound to the west, mountains to the north, and the skyline of the city to the east. We promise a unique performance experience unlike any other in the world.



Barbara Bourget and Jay Hirabayashi

Kokoro Dance

Wreck Beach during COVID-19 pandemic


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Wreck Beach during COVID-19 pandemic

Wreck Beach is OPEN during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To keep our precious beach open, everybody needs to follow the rules below.

–  Maintaining social distance (2m/ 6ft.) is the most important thing to remember!

  • Trail 6 is only for Going Down.
  • Trail 4 and 7 are only for Going UP.

Metro Vancouver will monitor and manage visitor’s behaviour.
Inappropriate behaviour may course closuer of the beach.

–  Swim events are all cancelled at this stage.

–  We won’t have any legal venders during 2020 season.
Bring your foods and drinks… then, take your trash up the hill!

–  No summer events for 2020 season… unfortunately…

Always keep your social distance, then, enjoy the summer!!


NIFTY and WBPS Pool Events are Cancelled!!

NIFTY and WBPS Pool Events for Now

Due to the City of Vancouver’s closure of pool facilities for the time being, we regret to have to inform you that there will be no NIFTY or Wreck Beach Swim Club pool events until further notice.

Please check back to the NIFTY at and to the WBPS Website at to see updates on the next scheduled NIFTY and WBPS pool events.

We plan to have pool events again as soon as possible.

Your safety during these hard times remains our highest priority so your understanding is greatly appreciated.

Spa/ Pool Event is Cancelled!!


March 21(Sat.) Spa/ Pool Event is CANCELLED!!

Vancouver Mayor Kenndy Stewart said in a statement Sunday, March 15,  that all Vancouver “hot tubs and saunas are completely closed.”

Since the WBPS Swim Club knows that people who attend our WB Spa/Pool Club events at Lord Byng Pool particularly enjoy the warmth and socializing that the sauna and hot tub facilitate, we regrettablymust cancel our March 21st WB Spa/Pool Club event originally scheduled for March 21.

As soon as we can provide a pool event with all the amenities that our guests love to participate in, we will announce it on Facebook , in the Wreck Beach Spa/Pool Club Group and on our website at

Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to seeing everyone at Lord Byng Pool again soon. Please see the following link for a more detailed explanation:

Read More>>

Mayer’s Announcement>>