2016 Wreck Beach Christmas Party!


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Thank you for coming to 2016 Wreck Beach Christmas party last night!


We wish you all enjoyed the party.


As Judy announced last night, it is going to be the last christmas party she organizes.


Thank you Judy!


Thank you for all the fabulous musics.


You guys are great!



When I see how successful it was… I feel sorry about Judy’s decision…


Thank you for everybody who joined our X’mas party, Thank you for all the band members, bar staff and all the volunteers who supported our party.

We don’t know what is going to happen next year at this stage… but please hang onto our website http://www.wreckbeach.org for the further update.

Still summer is a bit away… however, we are also running nude swim every 3rd Saturdays.

See you soon at the swim, or on the beach!

Have a Merry Christmas!

Wreck Beach X’mas party!


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Wreck Beach Christmas Party

  • December 2(Friday)
  • 6PM to 1:00Am
  • $15/person, or $10 for pre-registered: call Judy @ 604 308 6336 or 604 856 9598

                        —– Volunteers needed to setup the party hall! —-

Please call Judy @ 604 308 6336 or 604 856 9598

5 min. walk from Commercial- Broadway Skytrain Station.

This is the Fund Raiser to preserve our precious environment of Wreck Beach!

Wreck Beach Swim Night is Back!


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Wreck Beach swim-poster

Our Off-Season Events starts earlier this year!

Wreck Beach Swim Night

  • September 17(Sat.) 7:30 to 9:30PM

  • Lord Byng Pool

What to bring…

  • Towels
  • 25c coin for locker
  • Entry fee (Cash only)  $12, $10 for members, $5 if it is your first visit, Free for kids 10 & under.
  • Government Photo ID (Drivers license )

Easy access by buses or cars.

— This is Nude- Only Swim —

Wreck Beach Events are all year around!

Wreck Beach Day 2016


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Nest Monday is B.C.Day and also it is 35th Annual Wreck Beach Day 2016!

August 1 (Mon.) 9:00AM-

  •   Sandcastle Event
  •   Family Portrait : About 3:00PM
  •   Hula Hoop Competition
  •   Kite Flying
  •   Volleyball tournament

Registration required at the bottom of Trail 6

Skinnydip day poster and postcard will be ready for sell!

2016 Skinnydip day


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July 24(Sun.) was 7th Annual Wreck Beach Skinnydip day.

It was the first time to take the photo with Canadian Coast Guard Service Moytel.

It attracted many people… but at the same time, the earlier arrival did limited the number of the participants and ended up with 341 people.

341 ×$5 will be donated to W.B.P.S. by Mr. Roger Procter, CEO of Genex Capital.

All the money will be spent to protect Wreck Beach.

I’d like to say Thank you to all the participants, Roger, CCGS Moytal crews and Wreck Beach…

We are making posters and postcards from the photo. It will be ready for sell on the beach by this weekend.

Thank you again and see you soon on the beach!



Wreck Beach Skinnydip day 2016


Next Sunday is Skinnydip Day!

  • July 24(Sun.) About 3:00PM
  • Bottom of Trail 6
  • Registration required at the bottom of Trail 6

This is the fundraiser sponsored by Mr. Roger Proctor, CEO of Genex Capital!

$5 x Number or the participant
will be donated to Wreck Beach Preservation Society!

This means we need as many people as possible on the photo shoot.

Last year, we had a record of 677 people!

All the donation will be used to protect our valuable environment.

For more info, call Judy : 604 308 6336


2016 Wreck Beach Bare Buns Run!


Thank you for participating for our 20th Wreck Beach Bare Buns Run!

Due to the tide condition, we had to start 2 hour earlier than last year.


Although we had poor weather condition and earlier starting time, we still had lots of participants for our 20th anniversary!



We are having quit poor weather in this summer… but it was not bad for this type of event…!


Winning shot!



Thank you Watermelon! It was nice to have you today!

We had participants from  Japan, USA, Australia…and and all over Canada.. It was quite international as well.

This gentleman is from Australia.


His plane was delayed and that was how he missed the race… He own a naturist B&B in Australia. It was nice to meet him.

Once a year we could see the familiar people…

Thank you for all the participants, Thank you for all the volunteers who supported to make our event successful!
See you all next year… or see you next weekend for Skinnydip day!



Wreck Beach Bare Buns Run on Sunday!


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20th Annual Wreck Beach Bare Buns Run comes this Sunday!

  • July 17 (Sun.)
  • Race starts at 10:00AM, NOT 12:00PM!
  • Registration: Between 8 to 9:30AM

We still need volunteers tomorrow

  • July 16(Sat.)  10:00AM : Unload the Truck at the top of Trail 6 and carry them down to the beach.

For more detail, please call Judy @604 308 6336 or Email