Vernon Keith Hale
(April 28, 1948  to November 15, 2020)

Wreck Beach has lost another devoted naturist who valued Wreck Beach and its natural beauty, greatly. 

He often could be found in Billy’s “Casino” where he brought his young daughter, Naomi, whenever they had the time. 

Vern’s dry  sense of humour always shone through, but he was always there in times of trouble for the beach, his family and friends. 

Vern and his wife, Linda, were avid kayakers and combined their love of nature through their kayaking. 

If the measure of a man can be determined by the way he treats others, his family, friends and animals,  then Vern was a man for all seasons. 

Vernon would caution sun lovers to take protective measures against melanoma because his turned out to be a particularly aggressive kind which stole his life far too early. 

From Colorado to Nevada’s Burning Man to Hotsprings Cove and the Oregon Country Fair, Vern and his brother, Derek explored Naturist locations across North America.  

They were in the midst of restoring a homebuilt aircraft at Boundary Bay. He will be missed and we will hold a wreath-laying ceremony in the Spring.  Rest in peace, Vernon.