As you may already know a new House of Commons e-petition aimed at stopping the Roberts Bank Terminal 2 project opened for signature a week ago.

It is getting a good response and well on the way to reaching the number required for its sponsor, MP Manly, to present it to the House of Commons.

I am reaching out to you and a number of others in the hope you can use your contacts to get more signatures.

The signature page for the petition is HERE>>

It can be signed by Canadian citizens and residents of Canada.

It is also on the APE home page:

It is also on Facebook and Twitter.

I would really appreciate if you can send out an email asking folks to sign the petition.
If you can also put it on your websites that would be an added push.

It would be great if we can reach the numbers required before parliament reconvenes in ten days.

Can you help?

If you have already gone out to your contacts then THANK YOU!