The WBPS extends its condolences to not only Jamie and Darcy Strachan’s family but also to Jamie’s fiancee, Janine Poper, and to the entire beach community who knew and loved Jamie.

We couldn’t believe it on Moday, January 7 that both brothers had died of complications from the A-strain flu.

We were first notified of Jamie’s passing long distance by Stormin’ Norman and then from Presh the evening following his death.

(At the time, we weren’t aware that his brother, Darcy, had also died the same day. from the same flu)  We are all heartbroken.

A famous painter not yet having reached his pinnacle of perfection Jamie left us with so many reminders of his greatness as a beach person, loyal friend, father, dedicated, fun-loving musician, poet and artist.

He often volunteered his drumming for beach jams and celebrations of life as well as providing some of his equipment for the Wreck Beach Christmas party fundraisers.

Judy was so honoured to have had him paint her portrait and to have presented it to her as we were demonstrating to keep our bus stop at the top of Marine Drive and University Boulevard.

Each painting was better than the one before. It’s not often that a painter can teach himself to reach our innermost hearts.

It only goes to show that we must savour the beauty of life while we have it because, like a candle in the wind, it can blow out with even the slightest puff of breath. Be at peace, Jamie  as you re-unite with your  beloved little black and white bunny, Bun Bun, whom you loved so much.  The Family will announce celebration of life plans later and we will post them on the website.

Judy Williams and the WBPS