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The Federation of Canadian Naturists (FCN)  is strongly opposed to the change.org petition attempting to stop the nude swim at the Calgary Southland Leisure Centre.

The problem with such petitions is that there is no attempt by anyone to scrutinize and confirm the information. April Parker’s rationale is filled with assumptions, misunderstanding and fallacies.

A multitude of scholarly research studies on this topic in psychology and sociology have shown that children reared in an atmosphere containing family social nudity benefit from the practice.

Our children are being raised in a society where we are constantly bombarded with messages that make us feel ashamed and insecure about our bodies.

We are told that we are only worthy if we reach the impossible ideals of the beauty myth.

Concurrently, our bodies are also being objectified and over-sexualized. Naturism is the very antidote to all those ills that afflict our world.

Children raised in naturism learn to accept the human body and recognize that everyone is unique.

Comfort with nudity combined with naturist values lead to a healthy self-image and strong self-esteem.

Although good parenting is by far the most important factor in raising children, naturism helps to promote their confidence and understanding about their bodies.

Contrary to Ms. Parker’s assertion, children are not at an increased risk for predators since they will be attending with their guardian or parent.

Abuse occurs when children are left in the custody of adults not when they participate in a public event with their caregivers.

There is no evidence that children are harmed by non-sexualized social nudity, and there is good reason to believe they benefit from it.

For more information, contact:  JEWilliams1943@gmail.com or at 604-856-9598

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