Wreck Beach Preservation Society

AGENDA: January 19, 2017

Location: Airport Square, Room 130 in the Low Rise next to the Tower at the Foot of Hudson, Van.

Time: 6:00 -7:00 P.M.

REMINDER OF MEETING ETIQUETTE: Speaker’s List Chaired by Judy; No shouting; No profanity; No theatrical groans—Respect at all times!!!! Limit of 3 minutes per point.


I. RCMP UPDATES: Plans for Summer 2017

II.  WEST AREA Issues by Richard Wallis.

A.  Vending opening date and final deadline for applications
B.  BEACH Snow and Rainstorm ISSUES –
C.   Night Quest: March 25, 2017-Volunteers Needed for Face Painting and GVRD now      requiring criminal checks on all persons working with and touching children.


A. Announcements: Just a reminder that Society membership cards enable us to be able  to tell Victoria how many Society members we have while helping us raise money for the Society. It also gives you 3 cards for the price of one! Cards: (1) Bonafide skinnydipper and has the code of etiquette on the back; (2) Voting member of the WBPS with naturist organizations contacts on the back, and (3)A GAWKER card with the code of etiquette for clothing-optional beaches on the back. Cost: $2.00 to $2-million!!! Anyone who donates $100 gets a free t-shirt!

B. Profits after all expenses for Christmas Party of Dec. 2, 2016 with deepest thanks to everyone who participated and helped or donated gifts.

C. HIRO: Web Hacking and New Increase to Our Service to TB as of January 18, 2017

D. Bare Buns Run: Sunday, July 16, 2017 E. OTHER

Apology from Judy for being offline from Oct. 12, 2016 (due to inadequate electrical service to my computer) to January 12, 2017-No Power, heat, lights, computer, TV, land phone from Dec. 8, 2016 thanks to anal retentive BC Hydro. We had a foot and a half of snow which brought two stands of bamboo down across our 500-foot long drive way thereby making me literally snowbound for much of that time. I had to board my parrots, all my crickets died, and all the refrigerated food spoiled. We had to buy a new furnace because the old one failed due to inadequate electricity. We had to install new cable, dig up our driveway, and install a new pole . Enough said.

Next Meeting: February 16, 2017: 6-7 p.m.