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Thank you for coming to 2016 Wreck Beach Christmas party last night!


We wish you all enjoyed the party.


As Judy announced last night, it is going to be the last christmas party she organizes.


Thank you Judy!


Thank you for all the fabulous musics.


You guys are great!



When I see how successful it was… I feel sorry about Judy’s decision…


Thank you for everybody who joined our X’mas party, Thank you for all the band members, bar staff and all the volunteers who supported our party.

We don’t know what is going to happen next year at this stage… but please hang onto our website http://www.wreckbeach.org for the further update.

Still summer is a bit away… however, we are also running nude swim every 3rd Saturdays.

See you soon at the swim, or on the beach!

Have a Merry Christmas!