Date/ Time: August 29(Sat.) 2:00pm5:00pm
Location : Holiday Inn Express & Suites Riverport Richmond BC Airport

Port Metro Vancouver Open House to permit VAFFC to build the 80 million liter tank farm on banks of the Fraser River. Come and give them a ear full!! Please come and share this information…

Dear Supporters of Stopping Jet Fuel being transported into the estuary, we are asking you to request that the public open house which is a travesty because it is being held on Saturday, August 29th( when most people are out of town), be held after Labour Day, later in September and that the period of consultation which is supposed to end on September 8, should be extended. This is a deliberate attempt to bypass public input by setting the date at a time when many folks are on holiday or not checking

Please call Port Metro Vancouver and or Richmond City Council and ask that the public open house and deadline for public input, be extended since the current schedule only allows PMV to give lip service to true public input !

Judy Emily Williams

Please protest to postpone the date at least after Labour day (Sept. 7)!

Contact to : Mr. Andrew Taylor

phone: 604 665 9627