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We had “2nd Wreck Beach International Nude Art Show” on July 4 and 5th, last Saturday and Sunday.

LH Evelyn, RH Judy

LH Evelyn, RH Judy

Former Wreck Beach Artist and now live in Australia Evelyn Roth came back and displayed her giant Beaver on the beach!

_1210135Kids were enjoying the huge inflatable Beaver on the beach and also played inside of the body.

_1210166When you see the other side, the Beaver which is the symbol of Canada is chained up! It means this is also protest against the development.

On 5th, we were supposed to take Skinnydip Photo with this Beaver and another inflatable sculpture “Big Mama” which we had last year both together… but due to the strong wind, we were not able to blow up the Beaver and that is how we only had Big Mama on photo.

Beaver on July 5th...

Beaver on July 5th… at least we tried…

2015 Wreck Beach Skinnydip Day

That was how we only had “Big Mama” on Skinnydip photo…

But at the same time, we had much more people than what we expected and as you see this photo, there was no space for Beaver…

Thank you Evelyn! We all enjoyed your display.
Next year, we all are going to bring more display to make it more successful!.

Body Paining, Original Wreck Beach T-shirts or accessories… those are the part of valuable Wreck Beach Arts and good opportunity to sell them! Please participate next year!

I will have to bring more photos too…