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Summary of the BC Supreme Court Judicial Review of November. 26-27 2014…

… and why it is so important to all British Columbians as well as to the Wreck Beach Preservation Society (WBPS)—those persons wanting to witness history in the making of an environmental group challenging the Minister of Environment’s decision to allow transport of jet fuel into the Fraser River should be at the downtown Vancouver Supreme Court chambers before 9:00 a.m. on November 26th.. When you enter, the schedules of room locations and times will be listed on the wall.

The Wreck Beach Preservation Society (WBPS) is concerned with preservation of the Fraser Delta for the benefit of wildlife, birds, fish, and the ensuing economic and environmental benefits to society.

The approval of the Vancouver Airport Fuel Facilities Corporation’s proposal which will now allow supertankers  to carry toxic and flammable jet fuel on the Fraser River, poses a clear and present danger to wildlife, migratory bird habitat and salmon fishery in the lower reaches of the Fraser.

This proposed facility provides an offloading marine terminal and tank farm that stores 80,000,000 liters of hazardous jet fuel near condominiums and an entertainment and sports complex.

The impacts of a spill would be serious; the impacts of a fire and an explosion would be catastrophic.

WBPS supports VAPOR (a citizens group formed in 2011) in their launch of a judicial review on the lack of proper public consultation for this high risk project.

Four polls indicated over 85% of Lower Fraser citizens were opposed to jet fuel transport and handling on the Fraser River.

Richmond and Delta city councils were unanimously opposed to it. The vulnerable Fraser River and its estuary needs much better environmental, property and public safety protection than seen in this granting of an Environmental Certificate that allows a corporation to ship hazardous jet fuel into the heart of the Fraser River Estuary for unloading and storage.  

Such a move will open the Fraser to industrialization and thermal coal transport as well.  And, make no doubt about it, the outcome of this judicial review will be a precedent-setting case for BC’s environmental future. 

We have managed to raise $45,000 for legal expenses through dedicated fund-raising,  but will need $5,000-$10,000 more to pay for current expenses so any donation however modest, would be deeply appreciated.  Many thanks to all of you who signed our petitions.

Thank  you so much and we shall overcome!