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Thanks to all the bands and musicians who helped make the WBPS Christmas party rock!  We are indebted to them, Conrad for the sound and lights, Jamie for the drums and to Leslie for the coordination.  And we couldn’t have done any of this without our fabulous volunteers including Willy and Sandra, Joe and her crew at the bar!  Thank you one and all!


Those fantastic glowing clouds were created by our sound man, Conrad.

Cindy celebrated a milestone birthday and two other beachers celebrated a life-long commitment!

Many thanks to Amanda for helping Judy collect raffle prizes, to Watermelon for that fabulous gift basket of licorice, to JImbo and Christine for donating an overnight stay at the Rosedale, and to Captain Billy for donating so many silent auction works of art.

Francoise’s limited edition print alone brought in $110!  And, Julie and George were invaluable in helping Judy, Chris, and Hiro at the door and entrance tables.  Finally, thank you and Merry Christmas to all you wonderful Wreckers who made the party a success just by being there!