Within Pacific Spirit Regional Park lies a large area of forest which is Ecological Reserve #74.  This is part of a network of sensitive ecosystems set aside by the Provincial government in 1970’s. Ecological reserves (ER) are selected to preserve representative and special natural ecosystems, plant and animal species, features and phenomena.  ER #74 is unique in the province as it is the only ER not owned by the Province, rather it’s part of Pacific Spirit Regional Park and is administered by Metro Vancouver.

Long time Volunteer Warden, Terry Taylor, is retiring after many years of excellent service, and will be missed.  We are recruiting for a Volunteer Warden to begin this fall in the role.  We are getting the word out to you, the park community, as we know that there may be keen interest in this opportunity to help out in this important role.  The role is described as assisting by being the eyes and ears for staff, along with some specific duties and functions to protect and manage the ER.  Other important roles include:

• Increase public understanding of the Ecological Reserves Program

• Provide liaison concerning the ecological reserves between the general public and staff

• Provide input to management planning in the ecological reserves

• Monitor the ecological reserves for their capacity to continue to meet their stated purpose

• Report to staff any changes or problems relating to ecological reserves

Anybody who is interested in the opportunity should submit a resume to Richard Wallis, Park Operations Supervisor, at richard.wallis@metrovancouver.org

If you know someone who would be interested, please forward this email to them.


Richard Wallis