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Wreck Beach Day 2013

Thank you for participating in our  32nd Annual Wreck Beach Day Sandcastle Event and “No- Bullying” photo shoot !

11 sandcastles in 5 different categories vied for the top trophies, and everyone  also received ribbons.

No kite flyers, body painters, or artists participated….

But over 25 folks took advantage of our magical BAM or Body Acceptance Machine by entering it clothed and emerging naked!  Those BAM machine participants each received an Amanda Todd bracelet as well as discount coupons for Beach vendors, and a special discount on the first Wreck Beach Swim Club nude-only swim.

We will continue offering the Amanda Todd bracelets in hot pink, her favourite colour for a small donation of $2 or more, each.

The group photo will be made into a post card so watch our website for availability date. You will be able to buy them from the ice cream cart or at the WBPS table at the foot of Trail 6.

It was such a gift of a summer day before everyone has to go back to school.  Many thanks to those vendors who offered

discounts on food and clothing.

We hope you all enjoyed your day in the sun and we’ll see you soon on the beach.